The Swift Hitch Story

In January 2006, while building a log cabin in the woods of Maine, Mark Scribner (owner of Two Loons Trading Co.) struggled with hitching his trailer each day to bring more supplies to the camp (building site). Several weeks into the build he had recruited an old friend (Paul Morlock) to assist for several days of construction. It was during this week he told Paul about a vision he had for a rather unique product.

He thought if we could build a portable wireless camera that transmits a signal to a handheld monitor/receiver we could market it to anyone that tows a tandem axle trailer on a regular basis. "If we struggle with hitching trailers, there must be many others do as well". That said, Mark challenged Paul to work on the concept and proto-typing and after several variations the product was scheduled for production in July of 2006 - the partnership was formed and the product was named 'Swift Hitch' - now a trademarked name.

In early October 2006 the first 500 Swift Hitch kits arrived into the USA and unveiled at a snowmobile show in Portland Maine and another a month later in Nashua New Hampshire - about 50 were sold at these two events. Off to a slow start, Paul decided he would need to work this full time to position the product in the many markets it could be sold.

Now just a year later Swift Hitch systems are sold by more than 200 stocking dealers across the USA and Canada. Very soon the product will be available throughout Europe and other overseas locations.

So the next time you struggle to hook up your trailer, remember Swift Hitch - a portable wireless color camera system will make the task a simple process! Soon to be a household name - Swift Hitch!