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ProPride 3P Trailer Sway Control Hitch

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  • How To Choose Your 3P Hitch
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  • ProPride 3P hitch installed
  • Main Unit
  • Hitch Bar
  • Yoke
  • Jacks
  • Weight distribution bars and bushings
  • Frame Bracket
$195.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description





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Click the arrow for a short video on how the 3P eliminates sway.








Anti-Sway Trailer Hitch Specifications

  • Solid steel, durable design and construction
  • Patented yoke to eliminate trailer movement on the ball - even in panic stops
  • 3/4" thick Pivot Point Projection control links
  • 2000# rated weight distribution jacks
  • 1400# or 1000# weight distributing spring bars


ProPride 3P Anti-Sway Trailer Hitch Description

The ProPride 3P hitch is the most advanced trailer sway control hitch available for your towing needs. Jim Hensley hitch,the man who revolutionized hitch performance with his old Hensley Arrow hitch design, has improved and enhanced his new anti sway trailer hitch design for your extraordinary towing experience. With easy installation and use you'll experience towing stability and safety unmatched by any hitch available.


The ProPride 3P anti sway trailer hitch main unit consists of two 3/4" thick links that project the pivot point of the trailer forward to near the rear axle of your tow vehicle. By not allowing the trailer to pivot side-to-side on the ball trailer sway is eliminated.

The ProPride anti sway trailer hitch yoke keeps the main unit hitch ball from pivoting in the trailer coupler which would allow the trailer to sway.

Heavy-duty ProPride 3P weight distribution jacks allow you to distribute your tongue weight with precision and ease. 

The ProPride adjustable hitch bar is designed for any tow vehicle and trailer combination now and in the future. It includes a bar tilt feature to compensate for hitch receivers that are not parallel to the ground. This tilt allows more efficient weight distribution for varying hitch receivers.

Product Videos

ProPride 3P hitch - video #1 (05:41)
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride Hitch...
  • ProPride Pivot...
    Pivot Point Projection Hitch dynamics observed in the lab. Pr...

Warranty Information

The ProPride 3P hitch is backed by a Lifetime Warranty for the original purchaser's life.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Hitch works as advised 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Aug 2018

    Hitch was extremely well made. Easy to install. Called Sean Saturday night at 6:00, answered my question with no complaint. Great service.

  2. Must Have ! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Jul 2018

    The ProPride hitch is a major improvement! Replaced an Eqaulizer 1200 and there is no comparison. The ProPride is no doubt by far the better hitch.

    No more being pushed around by big trucks or wind. I can truly relax and enjoy the trip.

    Quality built, easy to hitch and unhitch. Customer service is second to none! I installed the hitch with the help of a friend, it took about 3 hours. I made a couple calls to Sean for guidance.

    Sean is a good man to do business with. Solid hitch, solid company! Thank you, Sean!

  3. Best Weight Distribution Hitch 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Jul 2018

    This is the best weight distribution hitch I have ever used. I was able to tow a 33' travel trailer on a 400-mile trip and there was no sway. I was really impressed when passing and being passed by semis, no sway whatsoever. Sean was awesome answering all of the questions I had. The order was shipped and delivered very quickly. I would not want to tow a trailer without a ProPride! It is worth every penny. Thank you Propride for making a great product!

  4. Needed Fast - for a different reason 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Jul 2018

    So, I buy a new 27' Cruiser MPG, weighing about 7200lbs loaded and towing with a standard wheelbase GMC Denali. The first person to ask if he can borrow it for a few weeks is my brother. I had only used it a couple nights myself, but I bought it 3 states away and had bad sway bringing it back to NC. My brother has towed before, but not a TT, just a boat etc. I decided to order the 3P. I called on Sunday and Sean actually answered. We chatted and I immediately ordered on-line, stating I really needed it by Friday to install and test before my brother arrived to pick it up. Well, it arrived Thursday, a day early. Got it installed - I called a guy because while I know I could do it, I just didn't want to. (but I did help). I took it out for a 40+ mile test drive and it was GREAT. No sway and barely felt the semi's passing. My brother left this morning with the camper and went from NC to Kentucky for his first day of driving. No sway, no issues. Thank you Sean for #1 - getting it to me so quickly. #2 - offering for me to call with any questions and lastly, providing an excellent product. I feel better having this hitch as I had a Hensley years ago.

  5. Solid hitch, absolutely no sway! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 19th Jul 2018

    Installed this hitch on the lot where I bought the travel trailer. It took about four hours but was relatively straight forward. Sean was always available on text to answer questions. This hitch is solid! I towed 80 miles on the freeway and there was no sway. None. Not even when semis passed me. I bought this hitch for the safety of 'no sway' and have all the confidence in the world that it will continue to deliver.

  6. EXACTLY what I needed!! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    I pull a 33' Keystone Sprinter weighing in at 8200lb dry. Add water and cargo and I'm between 9000-9500lb min. I pull this with a 12' f-150 and max tow package. We have usually done small trips with no water, but on the occasion we have to haul water, the tank is in the very back. The trailer would be completely unstable at 50mph with water, or about 65 without water. We had a longer trip and would be on a major hwy so we purchased a PP3 1400. BEST PURCHASE WE HAVE MADE!! We could travel at 75mph on the hwy with NO problems! We even had a tire blow at 75mph and the trailer was rock solid! In addition, we ordered the hitch about 2 weeks out, but was told they couldn't ship it till the week before our trip. I spoke with Sean on the phone and he said, "just note on the order when you need it and I'll try to get one shipped in time for your trip." Well, it shipped 2 days later and we had plenty of time to install and test! I'm very happy with both hitch AND service! If you are on the fence about this hitch, JUST DO IT!! I can personally promise you WILL NOT REGRET IT!!

  7. Thankful I Purchased 3P 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Jul 2018

    Like a lot of stories I've read regarding travel trailers I too was convinced by the RV dealer that hauling a travel trailer for the first time would just take some getting used to. I was given a EAZ-Lift weight distribution hitch and a friction sway bar with the purchase of my 32' 6" travel trailer. My hour drive home from the dealership was an awful experience. The travel trailer was moving side to side and when a truck passed I just held my breath and hoped for the best. When I finally made it home I told my wife we made a horrible decision and I had no interest in driving this travel trailer anywhere. This experience made me start researching hitches and trailer sway which led me to ProPride. I made the decision to order the 3P and they had the hitch to me in less than a week. I was worried about installing it myself but I have to say all the stories about Sean being available whenever are true! He happily answered my questions on a Sunday as I was doing the installation! I took my first long trip 2 weeks ago and it is truly unbelievable what a difference this hitch makes. No sway at all and when a semi passes its a controlled situation. No longer is just the trailer pulled towards the rig. I can't say enough about what a difference this hitch has made. If you are on the fence about spending this amount of money on a hitch just know this hitch will solve your issues and will provide the peace of mind to tow your travel trailer.

  8. Installation and Hitching Made Easy 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2018

    Just bought the 3P for greater control for a trip to South Dakota From Illinois. Got Referred by 2 friends both had similar stories with completely different truck/trailers. The installation and the Hitch/unhitch is a breeze. Have had a couple of practice runs everything seems to be good. Cant wait to get it out on the open road..!!

  9. worry free towing 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 9th Jul 2018

    We purchased this hitch after never being happy with our old hitches sway control or weight distribution.
    It may cost more than a stanard hitch but it is worth every penny.
    We have used it twice now and both trips have been so much more relaxing, there is no sway what so ever, I even have to keep checking my mirrors to see if the trailer is still there. Before when a big semi would come by us I would have to hold on to the wheel tight, now they pass us and I don't feel a thing.
    The install was easy, just read the instructions a couple of times before you start and you will be fine installing it.
    The weight distribution system is awesome as you can really fine tune the Jack's to exactly where you want them and once you have it set mark the position they are in and it makes the next time you have to set them so easy.

  10. Money Well Spent 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 2nd Jul 2018

    First to thank Sean for help and excellent customer service. I was in same situation as one previous customer and needed hitch expedited. Sean got me a hitch in time for long trip.
    I have F-150 with Jayco 29ft 6000lb loaded TT. I had regular weight distributing hitch with anti sway. Worked great first trip of about 150 miles. Coming back was different story. Had cross winds of about 20-25 mph, I got frustrated and terrified at ineffectiveness of regular WD anti sway hitch. Did some research and found ProPride 3P hitch. Contacted Sean with some questions which he answered promptly.
    Fast forward to June 21st we set on 3000 miles road trip. It worked as advertised. Coming back in Wisconsin had tornado warning in area and pretty strong cross winds, no issue handling it with one hand. With those strong winds I did get pushed around, however no sway, minor correction and back in line. Very happy with purchase and product.
    Would recommend this hitch to all anyone

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