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ProPride Hitch - Trailer Sway Elimination Hitch and Towing Safety

Welcome to ProPrideHitch.com where you'll find information about safely towing your trailer. Look around and check back often as the site is developed and updated with valuable content to make your towing experience more enjoyable than ever.

Start with "The Jim Hensley Hitch Story" and you'll get the facts about a man who has made an enormous contribution to RVers and the RV industry and all from a little town in Illinois. Once you've read his story I think you'll agree that Jim is a man that has thought deeply about how to make towing safer and more enjoyable.

After the story, you might want to check out some information about trailer sway. While everyone doesn't experience trailer sway at all times, it can be one of the most dangerous conditions any of us face while towing. However, we do have a solution.

The solution to eliminating trailer sway is the ProPride Pivot Point Projection (3P) hitch. Jim's new design has been tested under extreme conditions and is available for almost any trailer towed on the roads today.

Finally, about ProPride will tell you about our company and what we stand for and believe in when developing relationships with our customers.

With the information you'll find here now, and the updates that will be added almost daily, we're looking forward to contributing to your RVing experience now and for many years to come.

Sean T. Woodruff

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