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Hensley Arrow Hitch Reconditioned Price Match

You won't need to settle for the OLD Jim Hensley design.

Click on the FAQ page for a list of the improvements that have been made to the old Hensley Arrow hitch design.

They can bounce their pricing all over the map and attempt to use scarcity to get you to "hurry up and buy or else the deal is gone" but the fact remains; the design just isn't as good as the 3P hitch. Check the reviews of previous Hensley Arrow customers. 


You get a NEW ProPride 3P hitch at the price of a reconditioned Hensley Arrow!

Here's how you get your special price... EASY AS 1-2-3

  1. Obtain an email or written quote for a reconditioned hitch from Hensley Mfg
  2. Submit or forward that quote to me at stwoodruff@propridehitch.com
  3. Receive your special coupon code for your ProPride 3P pricing.

Why settle for an old hitch, based on an old design, cleaned up by the factory just to save a few dollars?

Now you don't have to...

You deserve the best hitch,

at the best price,

without settling for someone's old, painted hitch.

This offer is subject to change at any time so act NOW!