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ProPride 3P Trailer Sway Control Hitch

  • ProPride 3P hitch installed
  • ProPride 3P adjustable hitch bar
  • ProPride 3P weight distribution jack
  • ProPride 3P main hitch head
  • ProPride 3P yoke frame
$195.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Click the arrow for a short video on how the 3P eliminates sway.



  • Solid steel, durable design and construction
  • Patented yoke to eliminate trailer movement on the ball - even in panic stops
  • 3/4" thick Pivot Point Projection control links
  • 2000# rated weight distribution jacks
  • 1400# or 1000# weight distributing spring bars
  • Color styled to match your trailer tongue



The ProPride 3P hitch is the most advanced trailer sway control hitch available for your towing needs. Jim Hensley, the man who revolutionized hitch performance with his old design, has improved and enhanced his new design for your extraordinary towing experience. With easy installation and use you'll experience towing stability and safety unmatched by any hitch available.


The ProPride 3P main unit consists of two 3/4" thick links that project the pivot point of the trailer forward to near the rear axle of your tow vehicle. By not allowing the trailer to pivot side-to-side on the ball trailer sway is eliminated.

The ProPride Yoke keeps the main unit hitch ball from pivoting in the trailer coupler which would allow the trailer to sway.

Heavy duty weight distribution jacks allow you to distribute your tongue weight with precision and ease.

The 3P adjustable hitch bar is designed for any tow vehicle and trailer combination now and in the future. It includes a bar tilt feature to compensate for hitch receivers that are not parallel to the ground. This tilt allows more efficient weight distribution for varying hitch receivers.

Product Videos

ProPride Hitch | Trailer Sway Control | Customer Review (01:18)
http://www.propridehitch.com/products/ProPride-3P-Trailer-Sway-Control-Hitch-.html - The ProPride 3P hitch is the most advanced trailer sway control hitch in the world. This is one of thousands of happy customers. Don't settle for old hitch technology and design.
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Warranty Information

The ProPride 3P hitch is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Great Choice

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Aug 2014

    We recently purchased a new 34-foot Open Range travel trailer. I installed our ProPride hitch on the trailer at the dealer.The installation process was relatively easy and the instructions clear and easy to follow. The hitch worked exactly as promised. We have absolutely NO trailer sway. Could almost forget the trailer was back there. I am completely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it.

  2. Excellent Product

    Posted by Wayne Ludeman on 7th Aug 2014

    We recently purchased a used 23-foot Airstream travel trailer. Needed to tow it from Boise, Idaho back to our home in Indiana (1,800 miles). My wife and I (both over 65 years old) installed our ProPride hitch at the trailer's location in Idaho. The installation process was relatively easy and the instructions clear and easy to follow. The hitch worked exactly as promised during our trip back to Indiana. We had absolutely NO trailer sway. Could almost forget the trailer was back there. I am completely satisfied with this product and highly recommend it.

  3. I was a skeptic....

    Posted by Kevin C. on 5th Aug 2014

    Over the last couple of decades using the internet I have become very skeptical about claims made on various products. It is easy for a site operator to "stack" the reviews on a product or create the reviews themselves making a product look much better than it is. However, this is NOT the case with the ProPride hitch...
    After about a year of reading reviews, watching the videos and thinking about it, I finally broke down and purchased the ProPride 3P-1000 hitch. Since I live only a short distance away I had arraigned with Sean to save on the delivery charges and pick it up myself. Sean, a very friendly man, was there at the time promised and helped me load the hitch in my truck. I had forgotten to order the extension kit for the hitch, Sean helpfully set me up with one and told me not to worry about paying for it at the time...he would bill me later.
    All told I spent about 5 hours installing the hitch, my wife did help a bit at times since I found the extra set of hands to be helpful.
    About a week later, we set off on our first trip out with the new hitch attached to out 32 ft, 8000 lb trailer. I was still skeptical about the claims made about the hitch when we first set out....30 miles later I was convinced everything I had read was true and I had made a wise investment. Compared to the conventional hitch and friction sway bar I had used in the past the ProPride was simply amazing. When the claim is made that that this hitch eliminates sway it is nothing but the absolute truth. As I told my wife, once I am up to speed on the expressway, I can no longer "feel" the trailer behind my truck..it's rock solid and steady.
    I have now towed 5 times with the ProPride and I couldn't be happier with it. Semi's, other trailers and wind are no longer a concern...I am much more relaxed when towing now than I have ever been in the past. Hitching up was a bit of a challenge at first but my wife and I have gotten much better at it and it's a breeze now.
    I regret not purchasing the ProPride a year ago when I first ran across it. It performs as is claimed and you can believe the reviews you read about it. As for the cost, it's worth every penny once you consider the investment you have in your tow vehicle and trailer. Sean was very helpful with all questions I had and I have no hesitation about purchasing from him in the future.

  4. There is no sway!

    Posted by Unknown on 8th Jul 2014

    This hitch is everything you've read about it. I just got back from a 200 mile camping trip without issues. I have towed 3 RVs and a boat over the years before I invested in this hitch. I am going to Yellowstone (from the East Coast) next year and I just wanted the peace of mind. There is no sway, other than movement consistent with the truck's movement. The two items that might make this a 4.5 stars are the install - 5 hours over 2 days, I had every footnote install issue in the manual and I used to be an auto technician. The second issue is the 3/4" bolts on the yoke hardware. No person can reasonably tighten to 250 ft/lbs by hand, and one of those bolts did loosen slightly after the first 100 miles. Note to Sean, maybe your mechanical engineer should investigate a nylock nut or Loctite. I feel the investment is justified.

  5. You have to drive it to believe it!

    Posted by Ed Foss on 30th Jun 2014

    No trace of sway. I tried to make it sway and couldn't. Have towed horse trailers with everything from a Bronco (like an amusement park ride) to a Silverado long bed (good) to an F350 dually w a gooseneck trailer. F350 (or Chevy) dually w gooseneck is the gold standard but towing anything with a ProPride P3 is the Platinum standard. We recently hooked up a 25' Airstream (7,300 lbs) to our SUV and had to laugh at the utter lack of sway. If towing is causing you any stress at all, this hitch will solve your problem. Add to that a level of Customer service that exceeds all expectations and you have a towing solution for a lifetime. Sure, it's not cheap but this is truly a case of getting what you pay for.

  6. Incredible

    Posted by G Stewart on 11th Jun 2014

    Pulling 10,000 pound race trailer. Before it was white knuckles for an entire trip. After we installed the hitch it was 100% better. No sway and the trailer steering the truck. Pass Semi's like they were not there. Great investment for us.
    I highly recommend this hitch!

  7. WOW

    Posted by John- Akron on 6th Jun 2014

    So we upgraded to a 33' Ultralite travel trailer. I thought I could use the hitch and weight distribution bars that I had for my expandable camper-wrong! Our first trip out I hit wind and semis that seemed to be messing with me. I was all over the place going just 50 mph on 71 South to Columbus, Ohio. I was ready to get out of the towing business.
    After purchasing ProPride 3P-1000, on my last trip, my son caught me going 75 mph (I didn't realize how fast I was going) and passing semis! The difference is night and day.
    Sean's customer service is priceless. From calling him about questions before the purchase, to texting about installation, he always bent over backwards to help. Other companies should model after him.

  8. It works!

    Posted by D. Coleman on 2nd Jun 2014

    We recently purchased an Outdoors240RKWS travel trailer weighing in at 8000lbs loaded for travel. We are pulling our trailer with a Ford F150 Eco Boost with max towing pakg. On our ride home from the dealer using our previous trailer's hitch, and EAZ Lift rated for 10000lbs, we experienced sway. We made some adjustments and tried on a second trip of under 60 miles and once again experienced sway. After weeks of research and many conversations with hitch dealers we decided to try the ProPride3 system. Once we installed it we repeated our 60 mile trip and experienced NO SWAY at all. On this second test run we traveled over bumpy roads during wind gusts and at one point had to apply the brakes to make an emergency stop and lane change to avoid pieces of a load flying off the back of a truck two vehicles in front of us. NO SWAY and NO LOSS of Control. We are so happy that the ProPride3 is making travel fun again. We heartedly recommend the ProPride to all our friends who pull trailers.

  9. Works as Advertised

    Posted by Matt S on 29th May 2014

    I just got my 3P 1400 installed and we've taken it on 2 trips. ON both it was fairly windy and there was no sway in the trailer. I could feel the truck and trailer being pushed sideways as the wind whipped up but there was no sway. I'm very satisfied with the hitch.

    Installation took more than 2 hours though. We actually spent about 6 hours on it. But we took our time and did make a couple of mistakes along the way. The written instructions are good but more pictures of each step would be helpful. Also, you have to make sure you really tighten all the bolts on all the brackets.

    As far as coupling and uncoupling are concerned, so far I haven't had any issues. I'd seen posts online that it can be difficult but I've found it relatively easy to do.

    Overall I'm very pleased with my 3P. I feel safer towing my trailer and I'm impressed with the quality of the product. I would definitely recommend a 3P to others.

  10. Very pleased

    Posted by Unknown on 29th May 2014

    I have a 36 ft. Keystone Laredo travel trailer and with the 3P hitch I barely know it's behind me when I'm pulling it. I am thrilled with how well it performs. In my opinion I think everyone who pulls a trailer should buy one

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