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ProPride 3P Trailer Sway Control Hitch

  • ProPride 3P hitch installed
  • ProPride 3P adjustable hitch bar
  • ProPride 3P weight distribution jack
  • ProPride 3P main hitch head
  • ProPride 3P yoke frame
$195.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

Click the arrow for a short video on how the 3P eliminates sway.



  • Solid steel, durable design and construction
  • Patented yoke to eliminate trailer movement on the ball - even in panic stops
  • 3/4" thick Pivot Point Projection control links
  • 2000# rated weight distribution jacks
  • 1400# or 1000# weight distributing spring bars
  • Color styled to match your trailer tongue



The ProPride 3P hitch is the most advanced trailer sway control hitch available for your towing needs. Jim Hensley, the man who revolutionized hitch performance with his old design, has improved and enhanced his new design for your extraordinary towing experience. With easy installation and use you'll experience towing stability and safety unmatched by any hitch available.


The ProPride 3P main unit consists of two 3/4" thick links that project the pivot point of the trailer forward to near the rear axle of your tow vehicle. By not allowing the trailer to pivot side-to-side on the ball trailer sway is eliminated.

The ProPride Yoke keeps the main unit hitch ball from pivoting in the trailer coupler which would allow the trailer to sway.

Heavy duty weight distribution jacks allow you to distribute your tongue weight with precision and ease.

The 3P adjustable hitch bar is designed for any tow vehicle and trailer combination now and in the future. It includes a bar tilt feature to compensate for hitch receivers that are not parallel to the ground. This tilt allows more efficient weight distribution for varying hitch receivers.

Product Videos

ProPride 3P hitch - video #1 (05:41)
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride 3P hi...
  • ProPride Hitch...

Warranty Information

The ProPride 3P hitch is backed by a Lifetime Warranty.

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Product Reviews

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  1. Driving Like Normal 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jan 2016

    I have a small hybrid trailer -- single axle 20 feet exterior length towing with a Toyota 4Runner V8. Based on conventional wisdom, I should not have any sway problem. However, I do know I white-knuckled the drive every time I towed it before purchasing the hitch. I was so tense that I did not dare go further than 150 miles from home.

    I purchased the hitch in 2013. Installation was quite involved, but I managed over a weekend. Since then, we had already towed over 8000 miles in 5 separate trips. I can now drive relaxed like I am not towing, and I can tow 10 hour straight. It is a wonderful hitch.

  2. To Sway or Not to Sway 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Dec 2015

    I really wish that there was a law that mandated proper vehicle to trailer safety guidelines. We purchase a 36 foot 8000 lb dry bumper pull and a 2015 Ram 1500. Looking back in my rear view mirrors, I thought the back end of my RV had turned into a flag whipping in the wind. That was my RV with sway control and load levelers. We purchased the ProPride hitch. Sean, was a great help with setting up the hitch. He was very patient and professional. It was nice to talk to a professional who understands towing safety. We made a 7 hour trip in 40 m.p.h. non-stop gust across Texas with excessive rain. This ultimate test was a success! Wind is wind. My RV and truck were nudged by the winds to the point that we had motion sickness by the time we got home. There was no sway and there was no loss of control. The ProPride hitch worked as advertised.

  3. Night and Day Difference (Updated Review) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2015

    This is an update to my original review of Oct 13th 2015. I thought I was facing either downsizing our TT, getting a more heavy duty truck or worse yet, giving up RVing! I have now put @ 800 miles on the new hitch with all types of roads (freeway, two lane, city etc. Lots of rain and a strong side wind. Traveled alongside semis and met the big rigs on the two lanes. They had little to no effect on the trailer where before 3P these encounters caused a great deal of sway and questionable control of the situation. Even in heavy sidewind which was a white knuckled nightmare previously, no sway! Downhill "push" was also not noticeable. We pull a 33' WildCat Max with a Dodge Ram 1500. Our problems started with the WildCat using a Reese Straight Line Hitch. This was the same hitch we used on our 29'Cougar, which handled very well with this setup, but perhaps the additional 4' was enough to make the difference! At any rate the Propride 3P salvaged our RVing! Thank You Pro Pride!

  4. Outstanding Product, Outstanding Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 1st Dec 2015

    We had our ProPride hitch pre-installed at pickup by Colonial Airstream in NJ. Our ride down to Tampa was straightforward. I, a complete newcomer to RVs and hitching, managed to hitch up safely in a very dark Washington DC campground for the first time ever, in 15 minutes. The hitch worked very well, with zero sway from passing 18 wheelers. Very satisfied with the after sale service by Sean and his team. I could not be more pleased with this hitch.

  5. All I can talk about so far is the service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Nov 2015

    We are building our dream a little at a time. The Airstream is ordered. the truck is bought. I did a lot of research about what hitch to get. I settled on the ProPride.

    I was convinced after I had a few interactions with Sean. We exchanged emails for a while with him patiently answering my questions.

    We drove to Saginaw on weekend and I asked if he could meet me on a Saturday to pick up the hitch. "Sure!" And he did.

    Everything looks great so far. Can't wait to get it installed. The instructions look straightforward enough. Will review the hardware once we have it on the rig.

  6. Smooth! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 6th Nov 2015

    I couldn't believe what a difference it made with the Propride 3P hitch when I picked up my new 31 ft, 6,500 lb Keystone Couger travel trailer. I drove 190 miles from the dealership in Panama City to our home in Pensacola, FL, mostly sharing the road with many 18 wheelers on Interstate 10 and dealing with 10-15 knot winds. The entire trip towing with a Toyota Tundra 5.7 L V-8 was smooth as could be. I would recommend this product to anyone buying a regular travel trailer, the handling and stability is almost like a 5th wheel.

  7. Night and Day difference! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Oct 2015

    Have only gotten to take the trailer out on a short trial, but am very impressed with the difference in handling and the lack of sway. Before installing, I had to be very reactive to the sway of the trailer at all times. On my test run there was no sway, thus no need to constantly react. Will post again once I get out in a side wind and heavier traffic.

    Impressed in the quality of the product, welding is top notch and general look and finish of the unit is very good.

    Was disappointed that it took two weeks to ship (a heads up on the website that there will be a delay in shipping would be helpful), but I feel the wait was worth it. Also was unable to get call backs when I phoned for updates on my order.

  8. 2nd ProPride - Larger Airstream 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 28th Sep 2015

    First thing I did after finalizing the purchase of our 2016 International 30 was to call Sean and order a ProPride 3P for it. I had previously purchased and was very pleased with the performance of a ProPride for our 2012 27FB and I planned to leave it installed on that rig and include it in the sale.

    I had the dealer in Boise, ID install the ProPride on our new Airstream so we could hit the road after the walk-thru. We took 9 days to travel back to Houston and the ProPride performed equally well on our new 30. No matter the conditions - gusty crosswinds, being passed by semis at a 120 mph closing rate on a two lane road or long downhill stretches, sway was never an issue. I would never pull our Airstream with anything other than a ProPride.

  9. Sway Gone Forever 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 27th Sep 2015

    It has been almost two years since I purchased my Propride hitch. My tow vehicle was a 2013 F150 with an ecoboost engine. My trailer is a 31' Keystone Hideout. Admittedly, the tow vehicle was undersized for the application but that is what I had. Myself & three of my friends left Cleveland Ohio headed out for Michigan International Speedway for the Nascar race.The trailer was swaying so bad that we were lucky to make there and back at all. When a semi would pass me it was a real battle just to keep it under control.My friend in the back seat almost had a nervous breakdown. (I'm not exaggerating) The Reese hitch with the "anti sway friction" device was totally useless. I bought new "e" rated tires. New shocks, and numerous other money wasting products that did nothing to help to reduce the sway. Before I decided to sell the trailer, I came across a Propride article on the internet. I did a lot of research and and decided to give it a try.I installed the hitch myself in about five hours. Hooked up to the truck & went for a test drive.The result, sway was gone ! When semis pass me now its no problem. If you are on the fence because of the price, add up what you already have invested. I personally can't put a price on safety.

  10. One and Only 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 14th Sep 2015

    After researching trailer hitches, I came upon this hitch. I live in Michigan so I was fortunate to be able to drive to ProPride and get a first hand look at the hitch and a explanation from Sean as to how the hitch worked and also some mounting questions answered. Needless to say I purchased the hitch on the spot. Since I didn't need the hitch until late August and informed Sean I would pick the hitch up in late August. My new Jayco Flight RLS27 arrived at the dealer and we went to pick up our trailer after securing the hitch from Sean.
    We arrived at the dealer and participated in a walk around including the demonstration of how everything work.
    Now the hard part was to begin. Since none of the technicians ever laid eyes on the hitch, I was totally on my own installing the hitch. The service department was concerned about the hitch since they usually installed those inferior hitches with sway control. They were concerned about the liability they have to approve of the hitch installation.

    Installation was perform over a four hour time frame and I crank up the torsion bars to a 2" height. We said our farewells to the dealer and left. At first the front end of my 2003 Ford E150 equipped with 3/4 ton rear springs felt like it was floating down the highway. We stop about 15 miles down the road crank the torsion bar up to 2-1/2". The front end still felt light so we stop and crank to 3". We then drove 250 mile home. The front end was much more stable.
    Lets talk sway. We had totaled our previous trailer when a truck passed us and the trailer started to sway. It seemed that no matter what I tried to do to correct the sway, it seem to get worse, I believe was save us was when the trailer swung out far enough that it hit the guard rail an that stop the sway. Thank God.
    The wife said she would never tow a travel trailer again. We started to look at new fifth wheels and of coarse a new vehicle since you can't pull a fifth wheel using a Van.
    Own the way home I get a real good feeling how the whole rig was impacted by trucks passing us on the interstate. When a truck would pass us I would feel a slight push away from the truck, then a slight pull towards the truck. This push/pull was nothing as compared to my last trailer. I barely had to make steering corrections.
    Since we got home I have tried 3-1/4" rise on the torsion bars and a 3-1/2" rise. At 3-1/2" rise, the front of my van feels like it does when not pulling a trailer which I like. Also we went camping with our trailer so we had to pull to and from the campground. For 3-1/2 spacing on the torsion bars is it us. We still need to take out trailer on the freeway to see how the trailer and vehicle react to passing trucks at our 3-1/2" spacing on the torsion bars.
    Needless to say my wife and I feel totally confident is pulling our trailer with the Pro Pride. OH, by the way we have about 500 miles using the Pro Pride Hitch and the trailer tracks perfectly behind the tow vehicle with no sway!!!!

    Pro Pride Hitches are Awesome.


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